Lake George Water-based Recreation Study Plan

The Commission’s broad mission includes the responsibility to manage and regulate boating and other water-based recreation in order to provide reasonable public access to the lake without congestion, overcrowding and safety hazards and to preserve the natural resources of the lake especially its superior water quality.

The Commission has been mindful for some time of the growing body of science devoted to the study of resource and parkland management and of the emerging planning and management frameworks for resource conservation and visitor satisfaction. In 2004, the Commission approved a work plan for a first of its kind study and planning framework to assess existing conditions on the lake. The project also included a survey of user perceptions related to the quality of their recreational experience. It was the Commission’s objective to bring the best scientific methods to bear in an open and transparent planning process to set future water-based recreation management objectives for the lake.

The two-year study plan was completed in December 2006. The plan report is available for review and download at the following link.  An additional analysis is also available at the bottom of the page.

An Assessment of Recreational Use on Lake George, including Identification of Priority Issues and Locations, and a Framework for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Future Use

Complete Final Report

Appendices for the Final Report

Other Related Project Documents:

Introduction to the Project

Zone Map for the South end of Lake George

Zone Map for the North end of Lake George

Summary of all Lake Zone IDs and Names

Form for filling in Boat Counts by Specific Lake Zone

Form with blank zone lines for filling in Boat Counts for the same Zone(s) over time

Comparative Analysis of the Attitudes and Perceptions of Three Types of Lake George Boaters

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