Regional Watershed Plan Governing Tree-cutting and Stream Corridor Protection

Article 43- 0112 (5) of the Environmental Conservation Law "The Commission shall, after consultation with the department, the department of health, the Adirondack Park Agency and each municipality located in whole or in part within the Park, further promulgate regulations relative to stream corridor management which shall include standards for the location of roads, stream channelization, the frequency of stream crossings, and timber harvesting and vegetative cutting restrictions within designated stream corridors. The regulations adopted pursuant to this section may be stricter than regulations promulgated by the department."

During 2007, the Commission began a community planning process to better protect the Lake’s water quality by formulating new regulations on stream corridor management and watershed protection. More than 25 stakeholder organizations participated through representatives in a public planning effort and series of four workshop meetings. The process produced a literature review, conceptual framework and significant public comment on preliminary draft regulations.

Regulations of the Commission are New York State regulations subject to the State Administrative Procedures and the Environmental Quality Review Acts. At the outset of 2008, the Commission re-organized the effort and set project milestones for 2008. The steps ahead include preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement incorporating and evaluating proposed regulations. A Regulatory Impact Statement and plan for governmental coordination are future requirements, as well.

Preliminary Information, Meetings Videos, Presentations, etc.

Emerging Rule Concepts for Stream Corridor Protection - 1/18/07

Draft Regulations

Draft Stream Corridor Management Regulations
Regulations Questions and Answers


Final GEIS
Draft GEIS
Notice of SEQR Draft Completion and Hearing
Response to GEIS Comments


Stream Maps

Public Hearings

Un-Edited Public Transcript - February 24, 2009


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