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All applications are first received by Regulatory Services staff and are logged into a computer tracking database. Applicants are generally notified within 15 days whether their applications are complete or additional information is required. Processing a complete application requires certain statutory notice and review periods including notice and opportunity for comments from adjacent owners.

Once an application is deemed complete it is sent out to public notice if required. Public notification generally involves a 15 day period.

For minor projects a decision should normally be made within 14 days following the expiration of any public notice period unless substantive comments have been received which need to be addressed. For major projects, projects involving a variance, and projects for which substantive comments have been received, a decision will normally be made by the full Commission at the first regularly scheduled monthly meeting following the completeness determination and close of any public notice period. Oral statements may be made at Commission meetings, however, as the Commission must rely on the written record before them in reaching decisions, substantive issues raised at meetings may result in a postponement of the review.











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