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This document is prepared and distributed to assist the public in their understanding of the rules and regulations of the Lake George Park Commission.

While every effort has been made to provide for the accuracy of this document, the official text of the rules and regulations appear in the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York (Title 6) published by order of the Secretary of State.

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(date of printing 03/19/92)


PART 645

Procedural Regulations

Subpart 645-1 General Provisions
Subpart 645-2 Definitions
Subpart 645-3 State Environmental Quality Review
Subpart 645-4 Uniform Enforcement Procedures
Subpart 645-5 Permit Application Requirements
Subpart 645-6 Permit Hearing Procedures
Subpart 645-7 Regulatory Fees
Subpart 645-8 Variance Procedures

PART 646

Substantive Regulations

Subpart 646-1 Docks, Wharfs, Moorings and Marinas
Subpart 646-2 Special Navigational Rules
Subpart 646-3 Wastewater Management
Subpart 646-4 Stormwater Management
Subpart 646-5 Stream Corridor Control (Reserved)
Subpart 646-6 Tree Cutting Restrictions (Reserved)
Subpart 646-7 Signs
Subpart 646-9 Prohibition of Aquatic Invasive Species Introduction

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