Project Review Documents

Project Review Resolution and Draft Project Resolutions
Project Review Actions Report

Listed below are the Project Review Documents for the next scheduled Meeting of the Lake George Park Commission.

           Name                                        Town                   Application Type

Basin Bay Assoc.                  Bolton              Variance Request for Wharf Modification
Basin Bay Assoc. Deed Research

J & D Marina, LLC               Queensbury      Class A Marina Modification

Anneliese Brickner                 Bolton              Class A Marina Modification

David Hersh                           Bolton              Class A Marina

Crocelli Properties, LLC         Lake George   Wharf Modification

Juniper Hill Villas Communities  Bolton            Variance Request for Wharf Modification

Tom Kubricky                         Queensbury      Mooring Placement

Bolton Landing Marina, LLC     Bolton             Variance Request for Wharf Modification

Harold Halliday                        Queensbury       Class A Marina

Marina Operating                      Queensbury       Class A Marina Modification

Ann Storandt                             Queensbury       Class A Marina

LGBC, LLC                              Lake George     Class A Marina Modification

Tunderbird Motel of LG, Inc      Bolton               Class A Marina Modification

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