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Storm Water Management Guide

For Minor Projects

Stormwater Management Guide for Minor ProjectsThis manual's purpose is to inform and assist property owners in meeting stormwater management requirements when beginning building or land clearing and grading projects. Property owners are encouraged to consult with the Program Administrator before commencing or contracting for any project.

    A self-help guide, the manual presents an introduction to the stormwater program, defines jurisdictional projects, and discusses project application materials and procedures. It includes Best Management Practices (BMPs - actions and practices that can be used to reduce the flow rates and constituent concentrations in urban run off) and design suggestions with information sheets and work sheets intended to aid the property owner in planning the site improvement.

The guide is organized as a informational booklet with inserts pertaining to specific stormwater control devices. Accordingly the downloadable files are arranged the same way. The booklet may be downloaded as well as any number of the control device information sheets. Please note some of these are fairly large files and may take quite a while to download over a slow internet connection. As always copies of this manual can also be requested by contacting the Commission.

To view and print these files you will need an installed copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader®. If you do not have this software, here's how to get a free copy.



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