Lake George Boaters maps

The Lake George Park Commission and JIMAPCO, a leading map making company located in New York’s Capital District, have joined together in a special effort to create an official Lake George Recreation Map. The map is meant as a guide to all Lake George boaters and recreationists. It puts a wealth of information about the lake into an attractive, multi-fold, waterproof format and into the hands of thousands of lake users.
The map provides details on water depths, channels, obstructions, and navigation aids in a handy, easy-to-use format. It shows the rules of the road, emergency telephone numbers and public service information all derived from the official recreation map maintained by the Commission. This reference is intended as a public education tool aimed at improving safety and enjoyment of the lake and will certainly become a regular “dash board” reference.
Copies are available through JIMAPCO and local retail stores selling JIMAPCO maps. To download a pdf format of the map click on a tile below. These map tiles are for viewing purposes only and will not print.

The file sizes are very large and may take a while to download depending on your internet connection.

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