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The Lake George Park Commission has prepared a draft Policy and Procedure Memorandum addressing its jurisdiction over various components of docks and wharfs. The Commission will discuss this document at a special meeting will be held February 25 at 10:00 - 11:30 AM at the Fort William Henry Conference Center  to discuss this draft and other dock and mooring permit related issues. The Commission will accept written comments on the draft up until March 1 and consider adoption of the Memorandum at its March 24, 2015 meeting.  Contact molly@lgpc.state.ny.us to RSVP and to be added to our contact list.

2014 Asian Clam Lake-Wide Survey Final Report
2014 Trailered Boat Inspection Program Final Report


2014 Eurasian Milfoil Control Final Report

Marina Outreach Presentation


LG Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Plan and Final GEIS



2013 Marine Patrol Report

2014 Spring Update


The Lake George Park Commission is established to oversee and manage the unique resources of the “Lake George Park” especially the lake’s superior water quality. To do so, the Commission is conveyed special authority and responsibility by New York State. The Commission’s programs fill critical gaps to ensure the lake’s protection and encourage cooperation among the many public and private entities whose common goal is the lake’s preservation.




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